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Brian sees a young dude looking for a shower in the corridor of his hotel. All the showers are out of service at the moment but he's got his own shower in his room and invites the boy to use it. He can't help checking out the beautiful young male in his bathroom... His ass and cock look so juicy!

Théo the young fucker
Théo the young fucker

Théo is only 18 and he's already a master at fucking. He's just moved in into his own place and looking to get a roommate. The best candidate will have to be good at taking cock!

Nick Spears is an estate agent with his own peculiar technique to present a property, especially when the potential client is a cute boy...

Gino is cleaning up before going to work. He can't afford to be late but his boyfriend Lago is in obvious need of cock...Can't let him down can he?!!

Kenzo is lucky today: Jess has just arrived and he brought with him John, a very avid cock-sucker. All Kenzo has to do now is lay back and enjoy a sweet blowjob...and a piece of ass