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Mickey Taylor, the hot British Lad from Menoboy Studios' latest movie, Visiting, has been in love with France since his last trip and all the sex he had with French cuties. So, he decided to come to Paris for his vacation and have some more fun. Always eager to meet new people, Mickey comes across a hottie that has just arrived from Prague. He invites him to come hang out in his hotel room and they start chatting. Nicolas shows him pictures of his hottest hookups and tells him the story of this guy who had shot a massive load on his face and chest! Mickey is not that surprised and tells him he can also shoot impressive loads. He can spew his goo as far as 60 inches away! Our Czech cum-lover wants action and not words to see if Mickey is not just big fat liar. So, they start fucking. He gives him a very nice blow job, guzzling down the hot British lad's tattooed dick before getting his ass pounded hard in a variety of sexy positions⦠An English ONLY scene between two international gay porn models that will not leave you indifferent!

While his parents are out, Matéo is showing to the construction worker what he has to do. But Matéo has something else on his mind: he tries to turn the young worker on before getting anally fucked by him. 100% exclusive, 100% bareback.

Dylan invites his roommate and colleague for dinner but there's no time for cooking when he catches his two hosts kissing in the kitchen. Dylan is quick to show them the sofa in the leaving room... He fucks them both!

Guillaume n'est pas très fidèle dans sa vie de couple. Après avoir dragué via une application mobile, il donne rendez vous à  un jeune

Safir, the Arab hunk that you discovered in'French Prison' is back! He is taking a shower, laidback, while his buddy, Ayshan, takes advantage of the fact that the bathroom door is ajar to sneak into the shower. Even if Safir is more straight than gay, he lets his friend take care of him. Ayshan drops to his knees to swallow Safir's cut dick that starts swelling in Ayshan's hungry mouth. Safir enjoys so much this gay experience that he decides to take it to the next level. He spins his friend around and shoves his big cock in Ayshan's ass. He is as comfortable fucking a manhole than fucking his girlfriend's pussy, so, he goes wild on his friend before shooting his load on him. Ayshan wanted to have some fun with his friend in the shower but little did he know that what he was about to get was a shower of cum!

Loan is in the French coutryside and his car won't start. He calls a mechanic, Evan, who shows up quickly to help him out, shirtless and covered in grease oil. Evan has a quick look at the car and works wonders with his hefty fingers: in the twinkling of an eye, the car's engine starts. But, when he has to pay his savior, Loan realizes that he does not have any cash. Seeing that his client is a hottie, the hot worker proposes a compromise that can suit everybody: why not pay in kind? While giving the hot mechanic a kiss on the hood of his car, Loan plunges his hand in Evan's pants and finds a hard long tool that he starts playing with. To thank his hot muscular savior, the French twink drops to his knees and starts servicing his dick. He takes care of him, moving his mouth passionately and skillfully on Evan's hard shaft. But a blowjob is not a high price to pay for getting a car repaired in the middle of a Sunday afternoon. So, Evan starts coveting Loan's sweet ass. After getting his nipples licked and his dick sucked, he wants to fuck Loan's manhole. He is pretty straight-forward: he lays the cutie on the hood of the car and starts working his ass. He starts moistening it before fingering Loan's hole and plunging his dick in. From the very beginning, the pace is hectic and Loan moans. The mechanic pulls out several times before sticking his dick back in even deeper. With such a hard cock, this man has the best tool to fix all of Loan's problems. He fucks him harder and harder as if to punish him for disturbing him on a Sunday afternoon. Loan's smile betrays the pleasure that he is taking in this unexpected ass-drilling session. Finally, Evan shoots a huge load on his client's smooth stomach. He came to repair a car and it turns out he was the one getting serviced!

Zack and Tybo Calter are at Dylan's uncle's house. Dylan is a young straight boy, who is very sensitive and unstable. The two love birds are kissing up until the moment when Dylan asks them to go somewhere else. Zack and Tybo refuse and strangely enough, Dylan's behavior actually changes. What prompts Dylan to finally go down on them?

Roland and Karim
Roland and Karim

Once more, Kamzouz proves us that he's definitely a top. So far, we've had the privilege to our favorite Arab hottie twice as a bottom: the first time for his audition with Dylan and the second time with Kareem. However, in this brand new video, Kamzouz refuses to get fucked in his ass. Therefore, Kenzo will have to ride Kamzouz' huge cock. It's more easily said than done because Kenzo is only a top too. Have a look at this first video starring Kenzo bottoming.