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Getting filled with sperm by Kevin
Getting filled with sperm by Kevin

IssacPol loves the juice, it will be served by Kevin David

Jules fucks no tabou Romantik

Sexy Jules Lancelot fucks barebacker Romantik's mouth and ass without restraint

Théo Kami's heavy dose

Theo Kami gets sperm dosed by his gay neighbor

Sexy Canaillou in love with Tim Loux
Sexy Canaillou in love with Tim Loux

Excited, young Even Canaillou accepts Tim Loux's suggestion to have sex right away in the bedroom. It only takes a few minutes to make Tim Loux come.

Even canaillou and Kevin David

A sexy gay encounter between Kevin David and Even Canaillou. A little 69 before Canaillou takes it up the ass.

Alex Brand gets an extra from Theo Kami

Repairman Théo Kami gives himself to his customer Alex Brand.

Cruising at the Park

Renaud is visiting Southern France and he has decided to have a look at a cruising spot that he has heard of. Apparently, you can go there and you find the crème de la crème of French hottie. As soon as he arrives, he finds a nice place between two trees, whips out his dick and starts wanking. A few feet away, a cute twink, Loan, sees him and he starts walking up to him. There starts the traditional routine of gay men in their natural habitat: Loan looks Renaud in the eyes before looking down at his stiff member. Renaud looks back at him subtly giving him the green light. Therefore, Loan heads toward Renaud and grabs his 8-inch cock that he starts stroking. After quickly making out with this random hottie, Loan finds himself with Renaud's dick in his mouth. Since this spot is very busy at this time of day, T. Bow, a third guy soon joins in. Right away, he take his dick out and gets it serviced by Loan's skillful mouth. Loan blows the two studs in turns, moving from one big dick to the other relishing in both of them⦠Then, it's Renaud's turn to take care of his two new'friends'. Horny as he is, he runs his lips up and down on T. Bow's rock-hard dick before swallowing Loan's. Though he is a 100% bottom, Loan enjoys this unexpected blowjob. Then, T. Bow decides to top the cute French twink. Up against a tree, he sticks his throbbing dick into Loan's welcoming hole. Renaud stares at them, turned on by this hot show⦠The hot stud's thrusts are at once energetic and deep, which causes Loan to moan louder and louder. All the while, Renaud gently kisses Loan's juicy lips. Then, it is his turn to enjoy that slutty bottom's hungry hole. The second top is so horny that he pounds him hard right away, without giving him any time to breathe. Finally, the two tops shoot their huge loads and take off, leaving Loan, in the middle of the wood, putting his pants back on⦠That is how cruising spots work: fuck and goâ¦

Topher Bangs French hottie Anthony Cruz

Anthony Cruz welcomes in his apartment international porn star Topher DiMaggio to entertain him. He was entrusted with the difficult task of fulfilling the American stud's one and every desire. Therefore, Anthony is pretty stressed out: he does not want to disappoint the model that all US studios want and who has had sex with hundreds of guys, among the hottest ones on the planet. To surprise him, no sooner has Topher walked into his apartment, than Anthony takes him to his living room, unzips his pants and swallows his nice hard dick. He blows him with passion and envy and the American hottie sits back to enjoy this great blowjob. Then, Topher unbuttons Anthony's shirt thus revealing the Frenchie's hairless fit body. The American stud is turned on by Anthony: just look at the way he gently strokes his body and passionately kisses him! The two guys soon find themselves naked and Anthony resumes sucking the American star's mouth-watering dick. When he realizes that the French cutie is well-hung, Topher swallows Anthony's shaft and downs it. He enjoys sucking this tasty uncut dick. After blowing each other at length, the two lovers decide to take things to the next level. The American stud starts eating Anthony out with envy. He sticks his skillful tongue into his new friend's hungry hole and by the look on his face, you can guess that he finds it as delicious as his dick. Anthony then mounts Topher with an energetic sit-fuck. The American stud starts drilling his hole with rotation movements that soon have a positive effect on Anthony. They both exults in this hot position: Topher moans with pleasure and Anthony bounces up and down on his friend's hard dick before getting plowed even harder doggie-style. He offers Topher his well-dilated hole for more anal action. The American stud bangs him harder and faster and Anthony screams louder and louder. Topher's each thrust showcases his perfect body: his six pack, his well-rounded biceps and his hot pecs. At one point, the American stud can no longer hold it and he cums on Anthony's sweet ass shooting several ropes of sperm. After such a hot passionate hook-up, Topher will probably want to stay in France. Mission accomplished for Anthony: he has shown the American porn star what French fuckers are worth!

Versatile Dudes
Versatile Dudes

In Paris, flatsharing leads to promiscuity. Apartments are so small that when one flatmate is getting ready for work, the other has to shower right next door. But this also has its advantages when you're feeling a bit peckish in the morning. One naughty look and the guy who was getting ready grabs his roommate's cock and jumps into the shower tray, fully clothed, to join him. It starts off with a nice little blowjob. The two bogosses pump each other with envy and dexterity. They're both well hung and eager for sex. Then, the little blond boy turns his buddy over, squats down to eat his ass before shoving his stiff cock in and fucking him in the shower tray. The cock strokes get faster and faster, and the passive boy moans louder and louder⦠Then, as the bathroom is a good place to start but not necessarily very comfortable, the two roommates move into the bedroom, where the blond boy continues to pound his buddy's ass. The two queers move to the rhythm of the passionate pelvis movements of the handsome asset. Then, just when you think they're about to cum, the roles are unexpectedly reversed and it's the dark-haired one who gives the blond boy a party. And yes, the second advantage of a gay roommate is when both guys are versatile. It promises to be a good, long fuck. So the newly-active guy takes his buddy doggy-style on the bed and fucks him hard. Both guys are both good nippers and they take it well. And to make matters worse, they're tough! After getting high, the blond boy takes over and fucks his roommate again on the side and then on his back. He ends up spitting his juice on his buddy, who enjoys the hot semen staining his face. If being versatile makes for good, long fucks, it also makes them late for workâ¦

Two Well-Hung French Guys for Kilian

Kilian is a mixed-race, handsome guy who enjoys being the centre of attraction. In the shower he starts sucking Romain. Then, Evan, who was spying on them, joins them. Kilian hungrily sucks both big cocks before taking massive loads of hot cum on his face.

Fucked on the Foosball Table

You already know T-Bow, one of the actors from Menoboy Studios. Today, he is doing a split on a foosball table. Then, he gets fucked by James, a hot twink. Get ready for a hard dick, anal and oral sex and, to finish, a huge facial cum shot.

Timide mais pas pour longtemps

French porn directed by Stéphane Berry .