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Published: 2019-03-10

Pete Boule comes back from the shooting of the movie'The Snitch'. Hardly does he set foot in the apartment when Kameron questions him about the shooting. However, Pete Boule doesn't look sexually fulfilled since he drops down to his knees to wrap his juicy lips around Kameron's hard-throbbing dick. Then, Kameron nicely takes care of the gay scum's ass. As usual, Kameron blasts impressive shots of spunk. The atmosphere is really hot behind the scenes of the movie'The Snitch'. Find out the other previously unseen sex scenes, shot by Jess, from Crunchboy Studios.

Published: 2018-06-04

Pete is telling Kareem about his custody at the police department. He tells him that one of the cops screwed him while questioning him. Kareem's interest is growing and he wants to go in depth, insisting on knowing all the details. Pete decides to show him exactly what happened with that cop. So, the two bad boys from Montpellier slip away to a basement to give each other some pleasure. As a dominant top, Kareem energetically plows Pete, who, as a hungry bottom, spreads his butt-cheeks to make his boss' meaty cock slide easier in and out of him. The two bad boys fuck for 10 solid minutes, relishing in this unexpected hot sex session. Kareem is a resourceful kind of guy: when he busts his nut, he sprays a huge load on Pete. That's how hot it gets in France's sleazy neighborhoods.

Afanasiy runs into two guys having sex down the stairs. Nathan Lemal is going at it with a cute gay scum. Afanasiy decides to take matters into his own hands and to fuck them in turns. Nathan screams with pleasure and so will you. Afanasiy is a really good fucker! A French video by Menoboy Studios.