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Published: 2019-03-15

Dylan auditions Kamzouz to make sure he can play a bottom in the gay movie'The Snitch'. Although mainly a top, Kamzoum attempts to let Dylan's hard cock in, however with some difficulty. He buckles down and, with the help of some poppers, he gives in to Dylan. A deflowering-like video in which the French Arab cutie moans and grins, to the delight of Dylan who doesn't spare him. Sweating like hell, they both cum over Dylan. An excellent scene from the movie BaXstage' Sex Behind the Scenes of'The Snitch'.

Published: 2019-03-08

Between the shooting of two scenes of the movie'The Snitch', Dylan and Matt Kennedy go to Koncept, a gay hardcore sex club in Montpellier. Althought reluctant, at first, Dylan quickly loosens up. He literally breaks Matt's ass who loves it so much that he screams with pleasure. When he reaches climax, Dylan cums over Matt's cheek. French gay porn by Menoboy. Dilan fucks Matt Kennedy's ass on sling in hardcore sex club in Montpellier.

Published: 2019-01-31

Dylan is cleaning up a locker room with his gay buddy, Miguel Martinez. Miguel is horny as hell as his cock protruding through his jogging pants can testify. Noticing it, Dylan grabs the Brazilian hottie's package and starts kissing him. Miguel whips out his big swollen dick and offers it to Dylan's hungry mouth. A few minutes of reciprocal oral sex make Dylan in the mood for a drilling session of Miguel's ass. A French gay video by Menoboy Studios.

Published: 2019-01-18

After a long reciprocal oral sex session, Dylan takes care of Cédric's ass and ploughs him in a variety of positions. However, they are not really focused and keep messing around during the entire shooting. So much so that Dylan pulls a muscle trying to fuck Cédric in an acrobatic position. Finally, after fucking in Ludo's bedroom and cuming on his sheets, Cédric and Dylan start chatting.

Published: 2018-08-30

According to Dylan,'it's the best scene ever! Noa is a super hot bottom!' It is the first time that Noa has ever shot a gay porn scene. So, Dylan has taught this newbie how to become a great gay porn actor. As soon as Dylan starts ploughing him, Noa moans loudly, which turns Dylan on even more. Dylan fucks him passionately and then more roughly. At the end of the video, the two guys are interviewed and they admit that they really enjoyed shooting this scene. A video directed by Ludo for Mecs2France Studios.

Published: 2018-08-17

Matt Boss really enjoys giving nice blow jobs especially to hot twinks. So, he invites Dylan Menoboy over to his place' well, to his parents' guest room' to suck his cock. Dylan accepts the invitation but under one condition: he wants to drill Matt's ass. After getting blown for a few minutes, Dylan spins Matt around and fucks him. He relentlessly slams his cock into Matt's accepting ass. Dylan's dick is so good that Matt Boss can't help moaning.

Published: 2018-08-04

John Despe and Quillan Betton are heading for Dylan's cell. Once they get there, they make him believe that they are his friends and that he can count on them. But John Despe drugs his new friend with some'pleasure candy'. From that moment on, the hottie no longer knows where he is and he will do whatever John tells him to. First, he starts with sucking his big dick. Then, while Quillian is on the lookout, Dylan, who is still in a daze, gets anally slammed roughly by the hot stud. Before taking off, John smears the ass of that'slutty fag' as he calls him.

Published: 2018-07-01

Tom Perry is a young hottie who loves sex. He loves it so much that one could almost say that he is ass-possessed. Dylan is really into this kind of guy. So, they fuck together, they sweat and they take a lot of pleasure. A must-see French video available on Menoboy Studios' website.

Published: 2018-05-10

Marshall is a twenty-something cute guy who is being sexually harassed by his female boss. So, he timidly comes to the police department to press charges. Dylan, the police officer who takes his statement is usually more comfortable working on the ground. So, he tells him in a very straightforward, not-too-tactful way:'I understand why your boss is coming on to you... You're really hot!' Taking the hint, Marshall swallows the policeman's baton. Right there, on the desk, in the middle of the police department head-quarters, the hot cop abuses the victim, but not entirely without his consent.

Published: 2018-03-26

Rafa Vitry applied for a gay audition for Mecs2France Studios. His dream was to suck Dylan's dick all the way to ejaculation. Dylan accepted to audition him. Rafa gets down to business. He starts servicing Dylan's dick, then he licks his cockhead and sucks his dick again. Rafa Vitry loves meaty cocks and it is pretty obvious. A very hot oral sex session.

The day after a show organized by Menoboy Studios at Tchouka, a club in Lille, Dylan really fell for our new recruit, Tim Loux. Instantly, the two hotties tied a fusional passion. Around noon, I decided to go into their room to wake them up, but, surprisingly enough, they were already making out. Without wasting any second, I turned on my video camera and captured this magical moment. It's truly one of my best memories as a movie director. You'll see Tim Loux's debuts as an actor. So, cave in to this genuine shared passion for a'bel ami'.


Tybo Calter has just waken up and already he's wondering which dude is gonna be his next fuck. At home, his closets are full of hotties dying to get a taste of his cock and fuck his ass. Difficult choice: Zack, Dylan, Matt... they're all hot. Why choose when you can have them all?!!