Sunny Blue

Sunny Blue

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Published: 2019-03-18

Sunny and Fabien are discreetly having sex in the apartment that the production team is renting during the shooting of the gay movie 'The Snitch'. Not to get caught by Ludo, who doesn't want his actors to have sex before shooting the scenes of the super production, they go straight to the point. Fabien bangs Sunny who moans at every of Sunny's thurst. When the climax is reached, several ropes of creamy spooge are shot all over Sunny. A scene taken from the movie BaXstage' Sex Behind the Scenes of'The Snitch'.

Published: 2019-03-12

Marshall Paxton is supposed to meet Jess, from Crunchboy Studios, to shoot a scene, but he is early. No problem, his fellow actor is already in the shower. Sunny Blue takes care of Marshall on the washing machine. The two hotties are ready to go, their dicks are hard to a fault. A scene from the movie BaXstage' Sex Behind the Scenes of'The Snitch'.

As soon as the school boys are left alone in the study room, they end up fooling around instead of studying. Jessy writes sexual words on the blackboard before putting his words into practice with handsome Sunny Blue. On the desk or doggy style, Sunny takes Jessy James' superzise tool up his ass. And to top it all, a facial cum shot. Phew... They have been lucky, there was no teacher around.

After his first video''Dial 911 if your ass is on fire'' find out your favorite straight-acting fireman, Dylan, in charge of surveillance with his colleague, Sunny Blue. A hot wave has been hitting the south of France and the fire risk is high in the scrubland. At one point, Dylan wants to take a leak so, he walks away from his colleague. But like him, his colleague is a gay fireman and he follows him to check him out. Taken aback, Dylan takes him to a remote place, behind a farm machine. Sunny Blue unzips his colleague's pants and swallows his dick. Find out what happens next by watching the video.