Matt Kennedy

Matt Kennedy

MATT a 21 ans, brun, bogos, imberbe, bien foutu et il dégage un charme de ouf! Matt kiffe les mecs virils, bien monté et surtout un peu domi et adore lècher et sniffer des skets. Cette bombe de mec est passif et le fait savoir à qui veut l'entendre.
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Published: 2019-03-08

Between the shooting of two scenes of the movie'The Snitch', Dylan and Matt Kennedy go to Koncept, a gay hardcore sex club in Montpellier. Althought reluctant, at first, Dylan quickly loosens up. He literally breaks Matt's ass who loves it so much that he screams with pleasure. When he reaches climax, Dylan cums over Matt's cheek. French gay porn by Menoboy. Dilan fucks Matt Kennedy's ass on sling in hardcore sex club in Montpellier.

Published: 2018-05-14

This week, Ludo meets Enzo Di Karina and Matt Kennedy near the Buttes Chaumont Park in Paris. The two actors take Menoboy Studios' producer to a hotel room, not too far from where they met. Enzo and Matt are craving for sex: no sooner has Ludo turned on his video camera than they start stroking each other. Then, Matt drops down to his knees and methodically sucks on his friend's nice dick. The two hotties are enjoying it. Next, Enzo takes care of Matt's sweet ass, smearing lube on it and dilating it before shoving his cock in. Matt does love Enzo's big tool, as his moaning testifies. To finish with, Enzo sprays his load on Matt's chest. A steaming hot video between two actors that are really close.


Topher DiMaggio pénètre Matt Kennedy Porno français réalisé par Ludovic Peltier. Les acteurs gay sont Matt Kennedy et Topher Di-Maggio.

Inspector Matt Kennedy is the head of the Police Department but the new recruit is unaware of that since it is his first day of work. Therefore, when the two guys meet in the locker-room and have a heated discussion, the newbie, who has balls, stands up to his superior. One thing leading to another, the argument ends with a cock fight and the newbie tops the big boss. He subdues him with his gun while pounding him in the ass. In the end, Kameron smears Kennedy's chest by blasting impressive shots of cum and leaves him on the spot to go patrol with his colleague, as if nothing had happened.


Delta Kobra and Matt Kennedy are meeting for a nice hook-up. The gentle and passionate kisses soon give way to a hot oral sex session. Matt starts running his tongue down the smooth and muscular body of the Brazilian hunk, who soon finds himself on his knees to swallow the French hottie's hard dick' or maybe to show him how to do it right. But as far as blowjobs are concerned, Matt Kennedy does not need any advice⦠He knows how to please a man⦠And Delta Kobra is quick to realize it. Matt puts his friend's shaft in his mouth, gently sucks the head of his cock before downing Delta Kobras's juicy dick. He blows him at length. After getting his dick serviced, the Brazilian macho blows him in return, sliding his skillful tongue inside Matt's foreskin to make him feel something special and intense. He then grabs both of their cocks and strokes them against each other. There is no denying the fact that the Brazilian stud knows how to make foreplay last to increase their excitement. He eventually spins Matt around to stick his hard dick deep inside Matt's hole. He fucks him on his stomach, on his back, flips him around and Matt is loving it. He enjoys being subdued by a manly dominant top, who bangs him hard! Matt then sits on Delta Kobra's dick and bounces up and down, following his instruction to please him with his hole as best as he can. His tone is authoritarian''fuck yourself on that fucking dick'' and so does Matt, more and more turned on. They finish with a very original position, fucking upside down on the bed so that Matt can fell his dick even more, deep inside of him. The French cutie cums on his stomach, followed by Delta Kobra whose orgasme cause him to shudder a dozen times! That was a fucking good fuck! 30 minutes of pleasure and the two hotties are sweating and pleased!

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