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Published: 2019-03-22

Alex et philipp ont rendez vous dans une zone de container pour un plan no tabou. Changement de tenue: harnais, cuir et menottes. Alex Daenerio en mode dominateur baise Philipp sans capote avant de se faire baiser bareback. Phillipp a les couilles bien pleines et offre une éjaculation spectaculaire sur le torse d'Alex.

Published: 2019-03-18

Sunny and Fabien are discreetly having sex in the apartment that the production team is renting during the shooting of the gay movie 'The Snitch'. Not to get caught by Ludo, who doesn't want his actors to have sex before shooting the scenes of the super production, they go straight to the point. Fabien bangs Sunny who moans at every of Sunny's thurst. When the climax is reached, several ropes of creamy spooge are shot all over Sunny. A scene taken from the movie BaXstage' Sex Behind the Scenes of'The Snitch'.

Published: 2019-03-17

Prolong the experience of the movie'The Snitch'. Take a peek at what is going on behind the scenes. It is really hot and fun. These five video clips were shot when the actors were on break between their scenes. In the apartment where they stay as well as in a bath house on a sex sling, the guys let the steam off, fucking like crazy. Have a look at Dylan who tops Matt Kennedy on a sling. Then, Kazmouz is having a hard time taking the massive cock of a guy from Avignon up his tight ass. Marshall is ploughed by Sunny on the washing machine. Kameron rims Pete Boule in the kitchen. Finally, it's Sunny Blue's turn to be hammered by Fabien Dolko.Boys are horny, dicks are hard and asses are pounded hard.

Published: 2019-03-15

Dylan auditions Kamzouz to make sure he can play a bottom in the gay movie'The Snitch'. Although mainly a top, Kamzoum attempts to let Dylan's hard cock in, however with some difficulty. He buckles down and, with the help of some poppers, he gives in to Dylan. A deflowering-like video in which the French Arab cutie moans and grins, to the delight of Dylan who doesn't spare him. Sweating like hell, they both cum over Dylan. An excellent scene from the movie BaXstage' Sex Behind the Scenes of'The Snitch'.

Published: 2019-03-12

Marshall Paxton is supposed to meet Jess, from Crunchboy Studios, to shoot a scene, but he is early. No problem, his fellow actor is already in the shower. Sunny Blue takes care of Marshall on the washing machine. The two hotties are ready to go, their dicks are hard to a fault. A scene from the movie BaXstage' Sex Behind the Scenes of'The Snitch'.

Published: 2019-03-10

Pete Boule comes back from the shooting of the movie'The Snitch'. Hardly does he set foot in the apartment when Kameron questions him about the shooting. However, Pete Boule doesn't look sexually fulfilled since he drops down to his knees to wrap his juicy lips around Kameron's hard-throbbing dick. Then, Kameron nicely takes care of the gay scum's ass. As usual, Kameron blasts impressive shots of spunk. The atmosphere is really hot behind the scenes of the movie'The Snitch'. Find out the other previously unseen sex scenes, shot by Jess, from Crunchboy Studios.

Published: 2019-03-08

Between the shooting of two scenes of the movie'The Snitch', Dylan and Matt Kennedy go to Koncept, a gay hardcore sex club in Montpellier. Althought reluctant, at first, Dylan quickly loosens up. He literally breaks Matt's ass who loves it so much that he screams with pleasure. When he reaches climax, Dylan cums over Matt's cheek. French gay porn by Menoboy. Dilan fucks Matt Kennedy's ass on sling in hardcore sex club in Montpellier.

Published: 2019-03-06

This soirée sucks. Let's slip away and have sex in the storeroom', Fabien whispers in Adriano Lima's ear. Adriano is quick to accept the offer. Fabien pounds him hard for ten minutes and shoots his load on Adriano's chest. Those Frenchies know how to have fun...

Published: 2019-03-04

Maxxime Furrie applied for an audition for Menoboy Studios. Emilien Piresse has the privilege to fuck him. He decides to be a dominant top. First, he gets his dick sucked by Maxxime, before pulling his partner's long hair and giving him a few slaps. Then, he fucks him roughly in the ass. In the end, Emilien shoots his load on Maxxime's face.

Published: 2019-03-03

Zack offers his dick to Hayden Obry during a gay audition. To begin with, Haydan sucks Zack's dick, his tongue swirling around his friend's cockhead. Zack really enjoys Hayden's warm mouth moving up and down on his shaft. Then, after a few minutes, Zacks spins the hot twink around, lifts up his legs and slides his cock in Hayden's ass. While he is getting fucked, Hayden's face is a little bit tense but he lets Zack entirely take care of him. Until... Until Hayden finally spins Zack around. This time, it's Haydan's turn to fuck Zack. And let me tell you something: he roughs him up.

Published: 2019-03-01

A customer calls the MNC studio about an audio file that he has not received. Kenny decides to solve this problem and to punish the person who is responsible for this mistake : the sound editor. A French video from Mec2France Studios.

Published: 2019-02-28

John Despe is in charge of auditioning a porn newbie: Jerome Diaz. Reciprocal oral sex, followed by some rough anal sex' a regular'program' when you are topped by John Despe. However, this time, John is so turned on that he can't hold it back and cums in Jerome's ass. A hot 16-minute video filmed in the workshop of Menoboy Studios.