Mathai is a good looking 23 year old Arab guy who made his first appearance in Hotcast the TV show. You can now watch him in action on Hotcast X and also on and Mathai is sensual and very sexual, versatile and very generous towards the camera....

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While two of their friends are out, Sofiane takes advantage of this moment alone together with Kilian to jump on him. When their friends are back, things go wild and turn into an orgy. A hot scene with two duos and an orgy on the covered patio.

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The repairman who came to fix the boiler is being harassed by Sofiane, who has only one idea on mind: blowing him. A 100% oral sex video by Menoboy Studios.

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You remember our movie 'Sheer Pleasure'? Of course, you do... Find out two scenes shot with a video camera by the actors themselves. In the first one, it is 4 a.m. and Loan is getting anally slammed in the kitchen. He screams so much that he wakes up the entire house. In the second one, four guys are spending the afternoon in the sun, on their deckchairs. Needless to say, it goes wild, without any restraint...

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This video is a true story. It is 6 a.m.. It is the end of the launching party of the DVD 'Sheer Pleasure'. The actors have taken several fans back to the Menoboy loft for one last drink. Find out the end of the night in this video.

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Sofiane is 23 years old and he loves hanging out in the scrubland, in Southern France, to hook up with guys. Find out a humiliation video with spitting, and rough lube-less anal fucking. An exclusive video by Menoboy Studios, starring Mathai from 'Hot Cast'.

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The actors have spent the entire day shooting scenes for the DVD but they can't get enough and, in the evening, they are still horny. Six actors fuck in front of everyone. During the shooting of the movie, they really gave me a hard time. But thanks for this 'sheer pleasure'.

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In this documentary film, let's follow Renaud and Mathai, two bad boys from southern France. While they are hanging out in the hills, near Montpellier, smoking a joint, they see a cutie walk by. They immediately start following him. Feeling a threat hanging over him, the cutie walks faster and takes shelter in an underground passage. He is momentarily relieved, thinking that he has managed to shake off the bad boys and that he is safe now. But all of a sudden, they appear, each at one end of the passage. What was supposed to be a nice walk in the countryside turns out to be a nightmare. Loan is trapped, at the mercy of those two freaks. Without uttering a word, they head toward him and tear off his T shirt. The cute twink soon finds himself on his knees and he understands that he does not have any other choices than swallow the hard thick dick that Mathai is flaunting in front of his face. He struggles, tries to run away but no can do⦠The two bad boys take it out on him. They dick slap him, spit on him⦠There is no way out⦠Mathai orders him to blow him while Renaud works his victim's sweet ass with his fingers. Then, Loan is pushed up against the wall by Renaud, who ties his belt around the twink's neck to prevent him from running away. He holds him tight while his buddy shoves his 8-inch-long dick in their victim's tight hole. Loan is struggling but the two bad boys tighten their grips on him. Mathai literally breaks Loan's ass, moving his thick dick in and out of the cute twink's hole, fucking him harder and harder, roughing the crap out of him up. Loan can't take it any more but the two bad boys remain impassive in front of the cute twink's pleas. 'We are not done yet', they tell him to make him understand that they have no intention to stop. The two bad boys keep going, ruthlessly enjoying Loan's ass and mouth. But when Renaud, in the heat of the moment, grabs his buddy's ass, Mathai orders him to take off. It is one thing to enjoy some hot slut's ass but it doesn't mean they're fags⦠Bros don't do that⦠Unless it is just an excuse for Mathai to find himself alone with Loan to take advantage of his sweet mouth without having his friend in the way. Either way, he finishes this hot sex-session alone with his victim. He orders him to kneel down and shoots his load on Loan's face. A good way to show him who's the boss⦠Eventually, he takes off, leaving Loan on the ground, covered in cum, Renaud's belt still around his neck, and his torn T shirt in his hand⦠Loan is relieved but in a state of shock. He doesn't realize what has just happened to him. He won't forget this Wednesday afternoon when he just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong timeâ¦

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Three buddies have decided to go on vacation together in southern France. Lock up gay guys in a nice house and there is bound to be some hot fun⦠On the day of their arrival, Evan and Will want to baptize the place they are renting. They start blowing each other in the stair-case while their buddy is unpacking upstairs. Sitting back in the stairs, Evan gets a juicy blowjob from Will, who also hungrily licks his friend's balls. Will live with his parents and this vacation is the first opportunity he's had in weeks to have sex! And he is in for quite a treat! He runs his hungry lips up and down on Evan's pole and the hot stud is loving it! Evan soon spins the cute twink around, bends him over and jams his hard dick into Will's cock-craving hole. While the two friends are fucking in the stair-case, their third buddy, Mathai, walks past them, with the intention of going to the beach. He looks at them with exasperation: he doesn't want to spend his vacation in the house and he prefers to go out and to enjoy some fresh air. He is about to walk out when he changes his mind. What the hell! He can take ten minutes to have some fun. So, he whips out his dick and shoves it into Will's mouth. One dick in his ass and another one in his mouth, Will is overjoyed! While Evan is drilling his hole, Will is sucking Mathai's dick. On all fours and then on his back, this hungry bottom is loving being be at the disposal of two horny tops. Evan goes wild on his ass but Will can't get enough and asks for more. So, it's Mathai's turn to enjoy Will's cock-craving hole. He fucks him nice and good while Evan gets blown. Evan then decides to spice up this hot sex session by plowing Mathai while he is plowing Will. The three buddies chain-fuck for their pleasure⦠As well as yours⦠Then, after blowing one another, there comes Will's long-expected moment: he takes his friend's dicks in his mouth and is ready to receive their loads: a hot double facial cum-shot to top it all⦠With this unexpected three-some, you can say that their vacation starts pretty wellâ¦

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